Lil Boosie Quotes

“He was that liquor in ya hand saying ‘kill me man’. He that lil’ n-gga cross town hatin’ on ya hard. But he ain’t ready to go to war, that’s that f-ckin devil.” - Lil Boosie (Devils Lyrics)

“Yeah, I’m talking bout the law. Y’all some f-cking devils. Up in school you got the blues, now ya bout whateva.” - Lil Boosie (Devils)

“Devils get up off me!” - Lil Boosie

“Be on da lookout n-gga. We got devils out’chea.” - Lil Boosie

“F-ck with me, die slow!” - Lil Boosie

Ain’t hard to find, I’m in these streets!” - Lil Boosie (We Out Chea Lyrics)

“You don’t wanna go to war n-gga! Ask ya self. Do you wanna meet death n-gga?” - Lil Boosie (U Don’t Wanna Go to War Lyrics)

“Dat liquor got me trippin’, can I have you girl? Can you give me head in the bathroom girl?” - Lil Boosie (Loose As A Goose Lyrics)

“Don’t look wrong ’cause I will get on yo ass!” - Lil Boosie (Loose As A Goose Lyrics)

“I be loose as a goose, don’t get me started!” - Lil Boosie (Loose As A Goose Lyrics)