Lil Wayne Quotes

If you hating, you just need some pussy. - Lil Wayne

I’m strapped up, nigga fuck a gun law. See me walking with a limp, that’s my gun walk. I don’t do no arguin’, I let the gun talk. - Lil Wayne (Gunwalk Lyrics)

“& these haters try to knock me but they can’t knock me off the hinges.” - Lil Wayne (Bitches Love Me Lyrics)

“With no makeup she a ten. And she the best with that head, even better than Karrine.” - Lil Wayne (Bitches Love Me Lyrics)

“A million feelings. A thousand thoughts. A hundred memories. All for one person.” - Lil Wayne

“I never give a f-ck about a hater; got money on my radar.” - Lil Wayne (Look At Me Now Lyrics)

“& she heard so many lies, she don’t know what’s true or not. Shawty like a valet service, I swear she been through a lot. But I put her car in park and never let her cry alone, I listen to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song.” - Lil Wayne (Crying Out For Me Remix Lyrics)

“Surround yourself with love, not friends.” - Lil Wayne

“Sweetheart, don’t you know that when you lose me, you lose yourself? I’ll be loyal before I lie and honored before I’m dishonest.” - Lil Wayne

“So much for being optimistic. They say love is in the air, so I hold my breath until my face turn purple.” - Lil Wayne (HYFR Lyrics)