Fake Quotes

Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care. - Unknown

“Friends are like boobs. Some are big. Some are small. Some are real. Some are fake.” - Unknown

“People who are fake in this world are like fashion trends. Might appear cool at first, but eventually everyone grows to hate them.” - White Boy Tatted

“My fake smile disguises my frowns and mouths the statement: ‘I’m fine’.” - Unknown

“Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.” - Unknown

“Having fake friends makes you realize how lucky you are having your best friends.” - Unknown

“Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.” - Unknown

“Fake friends are worse than real enemies.” - Unknown

“Calling someone else fake doesn’t make you real.” - Unknown

“Being nice to someone you dislike doesn’t mean you’re a fake. It means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them.” - Unknown