Single Quotes

Choosing to be single isn’t selfish. It’s smarter to be alone than with the wrong person. - Unknown

Some people choose to stay single simply because they are tired of giving everything and ending up with nothing. - Unknown

If you’re alone right now, don’t worry about it. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re unwanted. It just means you haven’t met the person whose awesomeness matches your awesomeness yet. - Unknown

Single doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about love. It just means you know enough to wait for it. - Unknown

I need someone I leave through the front door with ‘cause we don’t wanna hide no more, ‘cause you’re not shy no more. Neither one of us wanna play the side no more. - Drake (Girls Love Beyonce Lyrics)

“Stay faithful or stay single.” - Unknown

“Being single is not a crime.” - Fadly Molana (Submitted)

“They say true love is just around the corner, but sometimes it feels like I’m walking in circles.” - Unknown

“Some people can’t live life without someone to live it with them; I just do me. I’m more successful that way.” -Clance [User Submitted]

The awkward moment when you’re that one friend who always gives relationship advice but is still single.